Finding ways for Tasmanians with disability to have a strong and collective voice

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Project Background

IIn 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services funded a project to collect the views of people with disability and their allies on how Tasmanians with disability could have a strong and collective voice.

In 2018 some people with disability and members of several community organisations including Speak Out, the Association for Children with Disability, Autism Tasmania, Epilepsy Tasmania, Brain Injury Association of Tasmania, Advocacy Tasmania and Carers Tasmania asked the Department of Communities to fund a project to do more work on the ideas collected. The Department of Communities agreed to fund a project for 1 year.

The project has appointed a Project Officer, Fiona Strahan, who works Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Fiona is based in Hobart but will be travelling around Tasmania during the project. A Reference Group has also been set up to help guide the project.

In this project the word ‘allies’ means parents, families, carers, advocates and community disability organisations promoting the rights of people with disability.

What does Disability Voices Tasmania do?

Magnify Glass: What will Disability Voices Tasmania be doing?

Disability Voices Tasmania is an exciting new project funded by the Department of Communities Tasmania.

The project focuses on 4 things:

1. Find out what people with disability and their allies think needs to be done to ensure people with disability have a strong and united voice.


2. Look at ways in which people with disability and their allies can work together on issues that affect the rights of people with disability.


3. Look at what training and/or resources people with disability feel they need to develop their skills and experience to have more choices in, and control over, their lives and contribute to their community.


4. Connect people with disability in different parts of Tasmania to relevant training and/or resources.

What do you think?

We would like to talk to as many people as possible about the project and to discuss with them any ideas they may have about what we are doing.

If you:

  • know anyone we should talk to more about the project
  • want to get involved
  • have ideas on ways people with disability can have a strong and united voice, or
  • know about some training or resources we should look at

Keep in touch

Please get in touch with Fiona. You can also ask to be kept updated about the project.

Please help Disability Voices Tasmania by sharing this information as widely as possible.

“Let us reason together, let us deliberate on our problems and needs, let us consider our abilities, and when we have agreed on the problems and solutions let us articulate our opinions and ideas in a strong and united voice.” (Jim Derksen 1975)

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