Disability Voices Tasmania principles

Human rights

Disability Voices Tasmania activities will have a commitment to upholding and advancing the human rights of people with disabilities to contribute to and participate in the community as equal citizens.

All voices count

Disability Voices Tasmania activities will recognise that the skills, values, goals and priorities of people with disability vary, however, all voices count, and all will be treated with respect.

The experience of people with disability is valued and the ways people communicate are supported and respected.

Every Disability Voices Tasmania activity will provide a safe environment for people with disability to contribute and have their voices, views and experiences heard.

This includes ensuring people with disability are provided with any support or service required to ensure their views and experiences are heard and understood.

Focus on capability building of people with disability

Activities of Disability Voices Tasmania will focus on building the capability of people with disability to develop their voices and assisting them to find ways their voices are heard on issues affecting themselves and the broader community of people with disability and the community generally.

Led by people with disability

Every activity of Disability Voices Tasmania will be led by, or co-designed with, people with disability.

Any governance structure around Disability Voices Tasmania activities will include a majority of people with disability recognising the need for representation reflective of different disabilities, age, gender, location, cultural identity and Aboriginality.

Disability Voices Tasmania activities will recognise the role of parents, families and carers acting as the voice of their family member where, because of age or legal capacity their family member is not able to act for themselves.

Working in partnership

Disability Voices Tasmania will identify opportunities to work in partnership with governments, businesses, mainstream community groups, disability service organisations and other community disability advocacy and information organisations on issues of common interest.

Team approach

Disability Voices Tasmania activities will adopt a team approach while recognising the importance of enabling individual contributions by those for whom teams are inaccessible

Supporting other organisations

Disability Voices Tasmania activities will recognise the importance of, and continuing need for, disability-specific advocacy and information organisations as well as organisations that are focussed around the age, status, gender, location, cultural identity or Aboriginality of people with disability.