Understanding Government and Lobbying Workshop

Understanding Government and Lobbying Workshop

Understanding the Tasmanian Government and
Developing Your Lobbying Pitch

TWO FREE workshops for people with disability in Kingston

Disability Voices Tasmania has engaged Robin Banks (former Anti-Discrimination Commissioner) from the Inglis Clark Centre for Democracy and Human Rights to facilitate these workshops.

Workshop 1: Government in Tasmania (10am – 12pm)

You will learn about

  • The key differences between state, federal and local government
  • The Tasmanian Parliament and its processes.
  • Dealing with Tasmanian government agencies

Workshop 2: Developing your Lobbying Pitch/Proposal (1pm – 3pm)

You will learn about

  • How do we know who to target with our proposals?
  • What makes a proposal to decision makers effective because it gets positive attention?
  • How do we get time with politicians and other decision makers?
  • How do we make the most of meetings with politicians and other decision-makers?
  • How do we influence the people who influence politicians and other decision makers?
  • Is having a meeting enough, or is more needed?

Date: Monday 22nd July
Time: 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm
Venue: Kingborough Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston (car park entry from Hutchins St)

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