Working With Others and Advocacy Workshop

Working With Others and Advocacy Workshop

Working with Others and
Representing Voices

TWO FREE workshops for people with disability in Smithton

Disability Voices Tasmania has engaged Susan Fahey of Leadership and Change Consultants to facilitate these workshops.

Susan is a skilled communicator who is passionate about empowering people to use their own stories and voices to effect positive and sustainable change.

Workshop 1: Working With Others (Tuesday 13th August 10am – 2pm)

This workshop will cover many aspects of communication including:

  • Communicating with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Listening skills, influencing others opinions
  • Respectfulness of self and others

Workshop 2: Representing Voices (Wednesday 14th August 10am – 4pm)

This workshop you will cover many aspects of Advocacy including:

  • Engagement and empowerment
  • Understanding difference
  • Interviewing and selection skills

Venue: Wyndarra Centre 43 Smith Street, Smithton

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