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Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV)


Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) is an organisation of women with disabilities for women with disabilities.


community-based Board, members of which are elected annually.

What WDV Does:

  • Provides systemic support, advocacy and resources to women with disabilities in leadership roles
  • Works with community services and organisations to ensure they are inclusive of women with disabilities
  • Ensures services for people with disabilities consider a gender perspective that is responsive to women with disabilities
  • Works in partnership with other disability and women’s organisations
  • Encourages and undertakes research on issues affecting women with disabilities
  • Provides a voice for women with disabilities to influence government policy and legislation


Full membership is available to women with disabilities in Victoria and is free.
Associate membership is $50 for individuals and $140 for organisations, is open to individuals and/or organisations supportive of the aims of Women with Disabilities Victoria


Phone Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV)


(03) 9286 7800

Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) website



disAbility connections (Victoria)


formerly the Western Region Disability Network (WRDN) is a network of 1000 people with disabilities, their carers/families, service providers, government and community. While our focus is on the Western and Northern suburbs of Metropolitan Melbourne we invite others to join us. We are open to all disabilities (including mental health) and age groups


What disAbility connections (Victoria) does:

DCV seeks to empower our members through information and giving them an active voice. DCV partners with decision-makers and other people of influence to change laws, policies and processes so we can achieve an inclusive community for all.


Membership is free to anyone who shares our passion for disability issues.

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